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FAQ: Termite Service Warranties 101
By Robert (Bob) Batman

This Brief is short and sweet, or not so sweet, but to the point, and it is limited to the following types of termite treating service: 1) Soil Treatment Service (refer to soil treatment Brief for details and facts regarding soil treatment), and; 2) Baiting System Service (refer to baiting service Brief for details and facts regarding baiting services. Take Note: these are "services". It's a fact that termite treating service is much misunderstood among the general public (those not active in the profession). The same can be said regarding service warranties on such service. The answers to the following FAQ are based on facts as well as on the terms, conditions, provisions, limitations, exclusions and disclaimers which are part of most professional pest control company termite service warranties.


A. You should contact an attorney for a legal opinion regarding what a service warranty is, however, my layperson understanding is as follows: a limited and conditional termite service warranty obligates the service provider to perform a future service (generally, a spot treatment to a specific re-infested area) for the holder of a "valid" service warranty, if a certain specified situation (termite reinfestation) arises in a specific area of the structure which was treated by the service provider and is covered by the service provider's service warranty. This is not a legal opinion: so, please do not construe to imply otherwise.


A. NO. TERMITE SOIL TREATMENT may or may not include a service warranty ("warranty"). This type service can be defined as placement of a liquid pesticide ("termiticide") into the soil in accordance with the pesticide's product label, except where hindered, limited or restricted by obstructions, soil conditions, and/or authorization. Take Note: If a warranty is issued on the treatment, it is not a guarantee that the treated structure is termite free nor is it a guarantee that termite reinfestation and resulting damage will not occur, and you would be well advised not to assume otherwise. Read the entire warranty: most contain specific provisions, terms, conditions, limitations, exclusions, and disclaimers.


A. NO. TERMITE BAITING SERVICE consists of placing special monitor and/or bait stations in the ground at certain locations around the structure(s). This type service relies on the normal foraging of termites: there are, at this time, no known effective termite attractants and that's a fact! When termites infest a monitor station, it is replaced by a bait station. This type service, to be effective, depends upon three things: 1) the stations being placed in appropriate locations; 2) regular station inspection/service by specially trained technicians: bait stations monthly and monitor stations quarterly, and; 3) termites finding the stations. There are no guarantees that termites will find and then infest the monitor and bait stations. Baiting system manufacturers recommend a minimum three (3) year monitoring and baiting program, and a monitoring program thereafter.

This type service has the potential, REPEAT POTENTIAL, to eliminate termite colonies! Having the potential to do something and proving it has been done are two very different things. Since there is no Official' Scientific Evidence (official proof), at this time, to support any claims that baiting systems have eliminated termite colonies, pest control operators would be well advised not to guarantee or warranty a service the results of which lacks official' scientific proof. The same can be said for those who advertise pest elimination, it could be very difficult, without supportive official' scientific evidence, to defend oneself regarding such claims.

Although there is no official scientific evidence (official proof) that baiting systems eliminate termite colonies, there is industry research evidence which supports industry claims regarding a baiting system's potential with respect to termite colony elimination.

Having dutifully reported the preceding, I can now cheerfully tell you we are getting fantastic results with the FMC First Line Baiting System! Although we can't prove it, it appears we are getting either termite colony elimination or a reduction in termite numbers to the point we can't find any termite activity on the properties where the termites have infested and fed from the bait stations. Our results appear to support the industry research evidence which implies that baiting systems work! See our FAQ on Termite Baiting Systems.

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